We Enhanced your life and business growth and your lucky interior color.

Vastu Shastra

We provide Vastu Shastra consultation to bring more peace, prosperity and health inside our client’s residential or commercial property.

What's New?

We find Lucky interior colour of our client with the help of our Vastu Shastra experts for their life and business prosperity.

Service that we offer

Brahmasthan is a principle of vedic architecture and community planning, that designates the central zone of a property. It is the most sacred and powerful area as it is a source from which all positive energy flows and spreads across the property. And hence we design your interior with respect to the do’s and don’ts at the Brahmasthan.

Arrangement of kitchen, bedroom and living décor according to the Vastu Science.

Placement of customized décor products according to the heavy, light and no weight zone for residential and commercial properties.

Site selection and many more.

How it Works?

All we need is your Birth Date, Birth Place, Birth Time and Property’s specifications and our Vastu experts will find your lucky interior colour, which will be incorporated in your customized interior design.

You simply have to fill the form which you will get in visit us page or just call us or mail us we will reach you.